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Google Classroom Integration and Qiuzziz



Qiuzziz is a company based in India that provides educational software for various purposes. Its products include formative assessment, pre-test review and pop quizzes. The company’s website says it creates a “gamified student engagement platform.” They are headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

Team-based approach to quizzes

Team-based approach to qiuzziz focuses on subject material and encourages higher order thinking. A team quiz has the potential to limit student frustrations on tough questions.

The Readiness Assurance Test (RAT) is an exercise that requires students to make informed decisions and work collaboratively. It can be tricky to facilitate in an online or hybrid classroom. However, the RAT has a number of benefits. Firstly, it helps students to understand how to collaborate and learn from each other. Also, the RAT can be used to evaluate individual performance.

The Team-based approach to quizzes is also an effective tool for motivating students to apply their learning. One study found that team-based learning was more effective than traditional lecture-based pedagogy when it came to difficult concepts. Moreover, it helped improve student participation. In fact, the RAT was able to increase class attendance by 25%.

A number of researchers have weighed in on the question of which is the best. Some of the most promising research results were provided by Zip.

Integration with Google Classroom

If you are looking for ways to improve student engagement in your classroom, you may be interested in learning about Quizizz and Google Classroom integration. You can easily assign Quizizz games to your students and collect the results from those games. The results are automatically saved in your Google Classroom and you can see a running report of student answers. This information can help you plan future instruction.

Quizizz offers a free way for students to review their answers, as well as a running report. Once you have imported your Quizizz classes to Google Classroom, you can update your classes as needed. Students can then join your Quizizz games with just a click. They can also respond with 90 second videos.

Students can also use Quizizz to take online quizzes, which are then sent back to your classroom. Your students can then retake the quiz if they are not sure about their answers.

Another great tool is Writable, which provides guided writing practice and feedback. It works with Google Docs to improve speed and efficiency of grading.

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