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Mopa Airport: Goa’s new international airport to boost tourism

As one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Goa’s newest airport bears the name of Manohar Parrikar, the late state chief minister and former minister of defense. The second international airport in the western state is situated in the Pernem taluka of the North Goa district.

The greenfield airport project encountered various obstacles even though it was given preliminary approval in March 2000, more than 20 years ago. In addition to facing strong political opposition and opposition from the state’s powerful tourism lobby, the project’s construction had also slowed down during the Covid-19-induced lockdowns. A number of public interest lawsuits had also been filed contesting the National Green Tribunal’s clearance of the project.

Dabolim, the main airport in Goa, is owned by the Indian Navy. The largest naval airbase in the nation, INS Hansa, is home to this defense facility, which is subject to time slot restrictions that limit the operation of both domestic and foreign flights to and from the airport during certain hours.

Furthermore, the current old airport is oversaturated because it already accommodates almost 8 million passengers annually (MPPA) despite having a capacity of only 4.4 MPPA and have limited car rental at Dabolim airport options.

Facilities at Mopa Airport Goa

Mopa Airport’s Facilities on the Ground Goa Mopa Airport has a single building for passengers that is 700,000 square feet in size. This gives the airport plenty of room for passenger activities. During busy times, the airport can handle more than 1,000 people coming and going every hour, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

The runway at the airport is marked as 09/27 and is 3,750 meters long and 60 meters wide. The building is meant to hold big planes like the Boeing 777-200. The runway also has two quick departure routes that are connected to taxiways. Each one is 3,750 meters long and 25 meters wide.

A 114,000-square-meter parking area for commercial planes is also being built as part of the first step of development. If you need to fix an airplane, this apron has service lines, technical kits, and remote aircraft stands. In addition, a cargo apron that can fit freighter planes has been built and is supported by ramp vehicles to make unloading goods easier.

An air traffic control (ATC) tower has also been built next to the shipping area to make sure operations are safe and well-run. To meet the needs of general aviation, there are also plans to build two hangars with a total size of 2,500 square meters.

New things are going to happen near Mopa Airport Goa

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways is building a 5.15-km-long, six-lane elevated highway at Porvorim. This will make it easier for people to get to the brand-new Mopa Airport. The project is expected to cost Rs 641.46 crore. An elevated path will connect Sangolda Junction to the Majestic Hotel on NH-66. This will make it easier for people to get to the airport.

What Mopa International Airport Goa Means for Real Estate

The Mopa Airport will make it easier for tourists and people to get around the state. This will ultimately increase the demand for real estate in nearby areas, especially in North Goa and the nearby Konkan zone, which are already having a great time since the pandemic. Goa has always been a popular place for people to buy villas, farmhouses, and second homes. This new growth will definitely make real estate investments in Goa very profitable in the near future.

In the near future, there will likely be a lot of demand for row houses, luxury cottages, and high-end apartments. This is because wealthy Indians and people who live outside of India love having property in beach paradises. Also, property and rent prices in and around North Goa are expected to go up because of the new airport. Since the airport is now open for business, house prices are likely to go up again.

How to Get From Goa to Mopa Airport

The airport is in North Goa’s Pernem taluka and is easy to get to via NH-166S, a six-lane road that links to NH-66 (formerly NH-17) near Dhargalim village through a well-thought-out trumpet interchange. To make things easier to get to, a six-lane toll station will also be built.

To get from Goa to Mopa Airport, you can take any of these options:

By Road: You can take a bus/taxi or a self-driven mopa airport car rental .

To get straight to Mopa Airport, you can either take a pre-paid taxi or choose and affordable car rental near mopa airport from a reliable company like Fastrental Goa. NH-66 and NH-166S are the roads that lead to the airport.

Bus: The Kadambara Transport Corporation Limited (KTC) runs daily electric bus services that connect Mopa Airport to famous Goan spots like Panaji, Sinquerim, Calangute, Mapusa, and Margao.

In short, Mopa Airport Goa

Many industries, such as tourism, trade, and manufacturing, are expected to gain from Mopa Airport Goa’s expansion. More tourists and businesses are expected to come to the area, which will create jobs and help the economy grow. Better air travel and general infrastructure improvements are also expected to boost the real estate market, which will lead to more investment and growth opportunities near the airport. The make most of your Goa trip just opt for Goa car rental mopa airport from Fastrental Goa today and enjoy you dream trip to Goa.

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