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Smith gay son Openly Gay, Jada’s Reaction


Smith gay son may have already heard the news that Jaden Smith has come out as gay. If not, now you know. This is a big deal, of course, but what’s even more interesting is the way that his parents are reacting.

According to Jaden, Will and Jada have always been supportive of him and his choices. In a recent interview with British Vogue, Jaden said “My parents are just like normal, cool parents.” It’s amazing to see such a loving and accepting family in the public eye. We’re so happy for Jaden and we hope he continues to thrive in his new identity.

Who Is Smith Gay Son?

Smith gay son of actors Will and Jada Smith. He’s an actor and a musician, and he just came out as gay. In an interview with rapper Tyler the Creator, who won a Grammy Award this year, Jaden Smith confirmed that he is indeed gay and he’s in a relationship with Tyler.

Smith gay son post Announcing He’s Gay

Smith gay son woke up this morning to some breaking news. Jaden Smith, the son of Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, has come out as gay.

This announcement was made on Instagram, with a heartfelt post about how he’s always known he was different and how happy he is now that he’s able to identify as gay. He also thanked his parents for their support (Will Smith had an angry reaction to the announcement, but more on that later).

Smith gay son is just 20 years old, so this announcement is sure to make waves. It’s already being praised by many as a brave and important step in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

Social Media Supporters of Jaden’s

It goes without saying that smith gay son is one of the most boundary-breaking young stars in Hollywood. And his latest headline-making move only confirms that fact.

In a recent post on Instagram, Smith gay son publicly came out as gay. He posted a photo of himself and his boyfriend, Tyler, with the caption “My Lil Homie Just Won A Grammy.” The heartfelt post was met with lots of love from Jaden’s fans.

Many celebrities have spoken out in support of Jaden, including singer Elton John and actor Neil Patrick Harris. Elton John tweeted, “This is a beautiful thing. Congratulations, Jaden!” Neil Patrick Harris also voiced his support, tweeting, “Love is love.”

Will and Jada Smith’s Response to Jaden

Many of us are curious about how Will and Jada Smith have reacted to this news. After all, Smith gay son has been called “Big Sis” by fans for years, and speculation has been rampant about his sexuality.

Well, it looks like Will Smith has broken his silence. In a statement released to the media, he said that he and his wife are “supportive of our son” and that “the only thing that matters is Jaden is happy and healthy.” He went on to say that they have nothing but love for their son and will accept him for who he is.

Although this is a huge step for the Smiths, it should come as no surprise since Jaden has made comments in the past about being bisexual or pansexual. Plus, his relationship with boyfriend Tyler Cole suggests that he may indeed be gay. Either way, it looks like the Smith family are getting nothing but love from fans everywhere.

Family Pride: How the Smiths Celebrated the News

When Jaden made the news public that he was an openly gay man with a boyfriend, his famous parents were overjoyed for him. Will and Jada have been vocal about their LGBTQ+ advocacy before, and Jaden’s confession was no different.

The Smiths quickly took to social media to celebrate their son and his newfound success with Tyler. Will Smith posted a sweet message on Instagram that said, “Proudest Day of My Life!!! ‘My Son Is Brave And Growing Every Day.'” Furthermore, Jada commented under one of Jaden’s Instagram photos that read “So Proud Of You,” followed by an emoji heart.

It goes without saying how much love and support Jaden has in his relationship with Tyler, as well as his family’s embracing of the union. While it can be difficult coming out as an LGBTQ+ individual in today’s society, it goes to show how accepting the Smiths are when it comes to encouraging and loving each other.

How Has This Shifted the Narrative Around LGBTQ+ Representation?

The momentous announcement has had ripple effects in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. Will Smith has previously expressed opposition to Jaden’s coming out, but now wholeheartedly supports his son and his decision to be open about his sexuality. This shift in attitude is sure to inspire those who were reluctant to come forward with their true identity for fear of family disapproval.

Jaden Smith was also one of the first major celebrities to break gender stereotypes by wearing a skirt in a Louis Vuitton campaign back in 2016. His willingness to explore and express his gender identity has made him an icon for queer youth, especially those of color who have felt underrepresented.

This announcement has brought greater visibility to the LGBTQ+ community and opened up conversations around fluid sexuality, while adding more nuance and diversity to our understanding of gender identity.


It’s great that Smith gay son is finally open about his sexuality, and we’re sure that his parents Will and Jada Smith are just as supportive as ever. It’s always tough when celebrities come out, but we hope that Smith gay son announcement will help to break down some of the barriers that still exist in society.

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